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From, Me
The Album

I'm just learning

I wrote this song when I was 3 months postpartum, feeling like I was never going to figure this thing out. Recommendations felt like requirements, asking for help felt pathetic, and everything felt so overwhelming. We’re all just learning and that’s okay. Everyone’s journeys are not the same and that’s such a beautiful thing. God is on your side. He perfectly picked YOU to be the mother of your child for a reason. He does not make mistakes. So don’t let the world get to you. We’re all just learning.

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Mothers & Daughters

This song is about the way children have to learn how to grow on their own. When a child is born, a mother gives everything to them. As they grow, mothers have to learn to slowly let go and let the child learn to grow.

What many people don’t talk about is the other side of that.

Mothers also have to learn to let themselves grow.

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